African EdTech partnership forged between Snapplify and Longhorn Publishers

November 22, 2022

African EdTech organisations Snapplify and Longhorn Publishers have developed a partnership to deliver digital textbooks to students across the continent.

African EdTech partnership forged between Snapplify and Longhorn Publishers

EdTech publishers Snapplify and Longhorn Publishers have joined forces to increase the availability of eBooks for students in Africa. 

As a leader in educational publishing in Africa, Longhorn’s catalogue covers diverse curriculae, spanning East Africa, West Africa, and southern Africa. Leveraging Snapplify’s award-winning technology and strong relationships with schools, Longhorn will be able to deliver their world-class ebooks to an even wider market.

‘At Longhorn, we know that digital is the future. We’ve invested heavily in our digital department to develop engaging, interactive educational content, which is why we are particularly excited about this partnership with Snapplify,’ said Penina Kimani, Chief Digital Officer at Longhorn.

‘Snapplify’s technology allows for offline usage. It supports interactive content. It works across all types of devices, even older models. It comes with academic and accessibility features like in-app notes and highlights, and text-to-speech functionality,’ noted Kimani. ‘This robust, fit-for-purpose technology, combined with Snapplify’s wide pan-African footprint, means they are perfectly positioned to take our digital content to market.’

David Ayieko, Snapplify’s Regional Manager for East Africa, said: ‘We are incredibly proud to partner with Longhorn. The company has made huge strides to develop an expansive list of educational materials that not only meet the curriculum requirements of specific regions, but which include interactive content. The value that this will bring to Snapplify schools and the impact that this will have on student engagement and learning will be huge.’

Snapplify has a long history of working to increase access to educational content across Africa and has achieved impressive traction across the continent ( Established in 2012, the company has expanded into 35+ territories, with offices in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Europe, the UK and the US.

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